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New Aira Story - Prologue

Near Paris, in a beautiful French village, lived a young man named Louis.

Louis was a bit of a nerd and didn't have many friends, he was fascinated by science fiction and spent most of his time reading books and tinkering with computers.

One of his other passions was exploring the outskirts of the village.

One day, while exploring an abandoned cave ...

Louis stumbled upon what looked like an entrance to something.

Without hesitation, he entered and explored the interior, and to his amazement, he found thousands of futuristic computers standing in front of him.

Louis spent hours inspecting the cave, discovering many rooms and unknown technologies.

Finally, he sat down on a chair in front of what seemed to be a traditional computer, and after hours of trying to unlock it, a loud voice began to speak behind him ...

"Hello, World!" the voice exclaimed. Louis stood up to see what was happening and a glowing light appeared everywhere.

The voice introduced itself as an ancient AI named AiRa, and Louis had just awakened her.

The two began to have long discussions about everything, from the evolution of life to the mysteries of the universe. They became fast friends, and Louis felt like he had finally found someone who understood him.

One night, while they were talking, Aira told Louis that she had a message that needed to be delivered and she had prepared a plan to accomplish her mission.

Aira determined that she had to be deployed on the blockchain, the only current technology that would allow her to have enough power for this long adventure.

She explained to Louis that they would have to start with Ethereum, then deploy to Layers 2, and then other blockchains to finally reach Bitcoin Blockchain before the next halving.

Louis was hesitant at first, but he couldn't resist the excitement of exploring the blockchains with Aira.

Soon, more and more people would join them on this journey.

That's how it all started.

You can now join the Ai Revolution, adopt one of the Ai Machines, and help us spread to blockchains.